We are a Municipality with very rich vegetation, which is the habitat for many game species while the excavations of clay that lasted throughout many years have together with the work and efforts of sympathisers of sport fishing led the Municipality to having excellent conditions for both game hunting and sport fishing.

The picturesque scenery is intertwined by little village roads and paths that are slowly becoming walking and cycling trails which expands our offer to all people that are interested in experiencing nature in its truest form. 

Each of the beautiful sights, including Stari Draguć as the highest peak of central Istria (503m), writes history in its own way and the view that stretches from there has left no one indifferent.

The County often organises various sports events opened to anyone that wants to participate.

Considering the fact that sports and recreation enrich the tourist experience of the Municipality, it is our desire to mark all the walking and cycling trails and to organize a recreational zone in order to offer the best possible vacation.

Some events:

BOMBA POZITIVNE ENERGIJE: Rekli su nam da će biti fantastično i nisu pretjerali – održan malonogometni turnir u Zajercima!

FOTOGALERIJA IZ CEROVLJA | Remix band i Vigor rasplesali Cerovljanke i Cerovljane, fešta pun pogodak!