There are not many areas that have such a rich and valuable cultural and historical heritage such as the Municipality of Cerovlje. Through the centuries, our territory has been the border between Austria and Venice and, as such, it has witnessed constant migrations caused by different factors. 

All these migrations of different nations and cultures, as well as frontier confrontations, have influenced the rich cultural heritage that is present today on this territory.

Let us just remember old manors houses and castles in Paz, Gradinje, Posrt and Belaj, beautiful architecture and frescos in Draguć, the recordings of Mikula of Gologorica in “Istarski Razvod” – the oldest judicial and travel guide written in glagolitc script, thomb stones of the Roman family Labijen from the 2nd  century B.C., as well as many chuches and chapels that are located on the hill tops from which they dominate the some what surreal scenery. 

The overview of the most important cultural sights in the Municipality can be found on this web site by clicking on the names of the villages.