The wide field that streches from the bottom of Gologorica all the way to Plomin Bay is called Gologorički dol. The area combines the following small villages spread on the slopes of the flyshe hills: Bratičići, Gržani, Kočebari, Lukačići, Radetići, Stancija, Šepčići and Želeski where was an estate with a manor house of the De Franceshi family from Gologorica.
Due to the mild climate, many people had their country houses in this area. An ancient tombstone of Moli Labijen and his wife Tertija was found near the village Želeski. This monument from the 2nd century B.C. testifies to the wealth of the inhabitants of the area. The tombstone can nowadays be seen in the Archeological Museum in Pula. The Labijen family is one of the most prominent ones of Ancient Rome, and one of its branches belonged to the senator class.